Late Night With Seth Meyers comedian Amber Ruffin has set Donald Trump straight over his suggestion that the impeachment inquiry is a “lynching.”

In a tweet that has been heavily criticised for its insensitive word usage, Trump said:

All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching.

Seth Meyers had passed the mic to African American colleague Ruffin, who verbally eviscerated Trump.

Oh Donald Trump, you raggedy b*****d. You’re not being lynched. You know how I know? Because people who are being lynched don’t sit in a mansion tweeting about b******t.

 The reason you’re comfortable comparing your situation to a lynching is because you value Black people so little that, in your mind, a Black person dying is equal to your slight discomfort.

I keep hearing things like, ‘This is a distraction.’

The president saying racist things isn’t a distraction. It’s a real thing that makes real Americans feel unsafe.

Ruffin also pointed out:

It’s not surprise that Trump is a racist because his dad was a racist. His dad was arrested in 1927 near a Klan rally.

Now, that doesn’t prove that he was in the Klan, but if you see me near a Cinnabon, it’s not ‘cos I like waiting in line…

The savage takedown drew praise online.

There was also a serious element to Ruffin's monologue


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