An orangutan kissed a pregnant woman's baby bump and it was adorable

A beautiful video has emerged of an orangutan kissing a pregnant woman’s stomach through the glass at Colchester Zoo.

Kayley Bettany, 20, who is seven months pregnant, was watching the orangutans in their enclosure with her husband Kieran, 21, when one appeared to take a special interest in her.

The video, which was filmed in January but has resurfaced this week, recalls one posted on YouTube last year of a very similar incident – also at Colchester Zoo.

Speaking to indy100, a spokesperson for the zoo confirmed that it was actually the same orangutan – a 48-year-old male called Rajang – in the two videos.

Rajang's mother died when he was a month old, so he was hand-reared by keepers at Chester Zoo. According to the zoo, he has become one of its most recognised and favourite residents.

Kayley and Kieran's child Brooke was born in March and the family has since returned to introduce her to Rajang.

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