Andi Peters locks himself inside a house 'in case Liam Neeson is in the area' on Good Morning Britain

The much-loved television presenter Andi Peters referenced Liam Neeson's racist comments on Good Morning Britain, and people are loving his tongue-in-cheek comment.

The presenter, 48, weighed in on Neeson's recent admission that he had a 'primal urge' to 'kill a black b******' after he found out that someone close to him had been raped by a black man.

Speaking to presenters Susannah Reid and Piers Morgan from a house in The Wirral, in a competition segment following a heated discussion about Neeson's racist comments, Peters said:

I'm the black man that everybody loves I hope... because I give away money and I give away loads of money.

But I'm going to lock the front door in case Liam Neeson's in the area!

He then went over to the door of the house and locked it in a mocking manner. Then, before carrying on with introducing the show, he said:

That's that done!

Needless to say, many people on social media loved Peters' comments.

The joke followed a heated debate between presenters Susannah Reid and Piers Morgan about Neeson's recent comments, revealed in an exclusive interview with The Independent, while on a press junket for his new film Cold Pursuit.

When discussing the film, he revealed to the journalist that he'd once walked the streets of Northern Ireland for a week carrying a 'cosh' in the hopes that...

...'some black b****** would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something' so that he could 'kill him'.

On Tuesday, the New York premiere of the film was cancelled. The actor had previously appeared on Good Morning America in an attempt to clarify his comments, insisting he wasn't racist, and that he would have done the same thing if a white man had raped his friend.

Speaking on the show, he said:

If she had said Irish or Scot or a Brit or a Lithuanian, I know it would have had the same effect.

Neeson's comments have been widely condemned, with calls for Neeson to be edited out of Men in Black: International, his forthcoming summer blockbuster that he stars in alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Despite this, former footballer John Barnes says he 'deserves a medal' for his honesty.

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