This is what annoys flight attendants the most

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Flying comes with a lot of annoyances - the seemingly never ending ques, waiting on incredible uncomfortable airport chairs and having to throw away half your possessions during the security check.

But don't forget, it’s not a walk in the park for flight attendants either, who have their fare share of annoyances, too.

But if you want them to bring you that extra pillow, don’t worry - keeping them on your side is easy, according to John Dasef, a long-time flyer who once dated a flight attendant.

He decided to share his wisdom on the website Quora, so put down your tiny gin and tonic and listen up:

1. Don't be awkward

Have your boarding pass ready when you get on the plane, Dasef writes, and make sure your carry-on will fit in the overhead or under the seat.

It’s little things like this that will help get the plane off the ground in good time.

2. Turn it off

Dasef writes:

If the flight attendant asks you to turn your electronic device off, don’t try to make a special case for yourself, turn the damn thing off!

No matter what your ego tells you, you are not more important than the rest of the flight - if you were, you’d be flying on a private jet.

3. Don't be rude

Don’t take any annoyances out on the crew, Dasef writes:

A little politeness goes a long way. Given that flying these days is a tedious, frustrating, and sometimes infuriating experience, that is not the flight attendant’s fault.

A smile, a ‘please,’ a ‘thank you’ doesn’t cost you a thing.

4. Don’t touch

Dasef advises respecting personal space. He writes:

Tugging on clothing, poking, etc. may get you the attendant’s attention, but long-term, not in a good way.

5. Don’t expect special treatment

Dasef puts it like this:

The flight attendant is not on board as your personal servant. He or she has a specific number of tasks to be accomplished during the flight, You are one of many passengers.

6. Pay attention

The main duty of flight attendants is to save you in an emergency. Dasef writes:

When things go south, that’s when all that training they have spent hours at comes into play and they become your guardian angels. Don’t ever forget that - they don’t.

So now you know. Safe travels!

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