This song by a 97-year-old AOC supporter explaining why she'll be president is a must-see

This song by a 97-year-old AOC supporter explaining why she'll be president is a must-see

If you're in need of a little bit of 'feel good content' today, then this video of a 97-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fan singing about why she's going to be the next president is definitely it.

New York resident and massive AOC stan Jerry Rosenblum took to his Instagram account on Saturday to share a video of himself praising the 29-year-old Democratic rep, however, he did so through the medium of song. How lovely.

Posting the video, he wrote the caption:

I am a strong admirer of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I hope this song helps her in her career. Please share so Alexandria can see this post ☺️ 🇺🇸 (swipe for part 2) 

I was very happy to hear @ocasio18 enjoyed the song I wrote for her last year during her campaign and I decided to write another song! The song I came up with is the song you are going to hear now, I hope you enjoy and I hope @ocasio18 

And, we think it's fair to say, the song is brilliant.

Do you fancy a taster of the lyrics? Yes? Of course you do. Opening the song, he says:

AOC are her initials, and her name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! 

She's got that never quit attitude and fights fair and square and I predict some day she'll sit in Donald Trump's chair.

Speaking of our climate, there's no time to spare, and what AOC's proposing is only fair! 


She's excited she's new, and a rock star too! Giver her all the help she needs to help her succeed. 

We need a Green New Deal to save our planet for sure. Lots of sun and wind power, will help us endure!

How do you believe the Donald when he speaks, when you know he's been a liar all his life! 


He's had that reputation since he was a youth. You must be insane if you think he'll tell you the truth! 

So let's give AOC our backing... And tell Donald to start packing... 

And let's give AOC all our support! 

Yes, you quite literally can't listen to it without breaking out into a big smile. It's lovely.

On Sunday, AOC responded to the song in a tweet, acknowledging that she'd seen it, and loved it.

Taking to the social media platform, she wrote:

Jerry is 97 years old and dedicates his Instagram to spreading joy and acts of kindness

This is his second song of support, and he writes them himself!

The Green New Deal has proved to be a controversial issue since it was proposed by Ocasio-Cortez and senator Edward Markey in 2018. The deal calls on the government to create legislation to help reduce greenhouse gasses and emissions, as well as guaranteeing health care, as well as boosting the use of renewable energy, reports the Daily Dot.

Republicans have widely condemned the suggestion, calling it too 'socialist', and even some within the Democratic party have questioned how feasible the proposed package is.

However, some, like Rosenblum, just won't give up. Keep going, guys!

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