The brand new Netflix documentary Knock Down The House about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is pretty much-required viewing, however, after watching it all anyone can talk about is her boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the film focuses on 29-year-old female Latino Ocasio Cortez's historic run for the House of Representatives, sadly, what lots of social media users chose to fixate on was her boyfriend's appearance, instead.

How very depressing.

Anyway, the documentary is the first time that viewers have been given an insight into Ocasio Cortez and Riley Roberts' otherwise very private relationship, and for many, it was the first time they'd ever seen Ocasio-Cortez's other half.

After his appearance shocked one viewer so much that they took to social media to call him a 'bin racoon' in a self-described 'mean tweet', many decided to flip the script and parody it.

Many people took to Twitter to ask whether THIS is what Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend REALLY looks like.

The person who shared the 'mean tweet', journalist Marie Le Conte, has since deleted it, however, she offered a clarification, saying that for her, 'bin racoon' means scruffy, not ugly.

Many other Twitter users, however, thought that Roberts was actually supportive and loving.

Since the comments on his appearance went viral, Roberts and Ocasio-Cortez took the time to respond, sharing pictures on her Instagram account to prove just how handsome her boyfriend really is.

In a hilarious clip shared to her Instagram story, Ocasio-Cortez wrote:

The Internet roasted Riley into getting a haircut/glowup after #KnockDownTheHouse

In the clip, Roberts' hair is noticeably shorter, and his beard looks like it has been clipped into a neater, more tamed state.

Ignore the haters, Riley, we think you're great!

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