This fashion influencer is selling a bag made out of ‘human spine’ and alligator tongues

An Indonesian fashion influencer claims to have made a bag out of a human spine and alligator tongues – and is now trying to sell it for $5,000 (£3,974).

Arnold Putra first put the bag featuring a handle made out “of an entire child's spine who had osteoporosis” up for sale in 2016 on Instagram:

Since the 2016 post, it’s appeared on Arturo’s main Instagram page, as well as UK website “The Unconventional”.

But don’t worry, the human spine is “ethically-sourced”!

Arturo told Insider:

[The spine] was medically sourced from Canada with papers.

According to Arturo, it’s possible to buy bones from licensed companies in Canada that receive human specimens donated to medicine and occasionally sell them as surplus.

(It’s true that it’s legal to buy and sell human bones in Canada).

The controversial bag came to light when 19-year-old student Maxim (@wqbisabi) found the post and tweeted it on 23 March.

His now-deleted tweet caused outrage on social media, with many bombarding the Instagram post with their disgusted reactions:

One wrote:

This has to be a sick joke!!! Otherwise, whoever is responsible needs to be arrested!!!

While another commented:

This is [the] most sacreligious (sic), sickening exhibit of disregard for human remains! The bones need to be buried! Smh

The Instagram account @byarnoldputra also features original designs using polar bear fur, pig skin and “komodo dragon skin shed peeled off a living dragon by Arnold”.

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