A GoFundMe page for a Filipino woman who was injured in a violent racist attack in Manhattan, New York, has generated more than $170,000 in financial support in its first 24 hours.

In security footage shared online, Vilma Kari can be seen being kicked to the ground, before receiving several blows to the head. The attack left her with a fracture to the pelvis, and contusions to the body and forehead.

criminal complaint claims that Brandon Elliot – a man arrested on Wednesday in connection with the offence - yelled “F**k you, you don’t belong here, you Asian” during the vicious assault.

In a description for the fundraiser, the 65-year-old’s daughter says the viral security video “has been the most difficult thing to watch, apart from the crime itself”.

“However, what this video did not capture was that there was someone who was standing across the street that witnessed my mom getting attacked who yelled and screamed to get the assailant’s attention. That is where the video cuts off as the attacker crossed the street to him.  

“To this person, I understand your decision in remaining anonymous during this time.  I want to THANK YOU for stepping in and doing the right thing.  

“This gesture of action is what we need in our world right now. I hope one day, my mom and I can thank you personally.

“This [fundraiser] does not take back the pain and trauma my mom has experienced nor will it replace the time to heal as she gets back on her two feet,” it reads.

Kari has since received an outpouring of support and donations since the incident, with more than 4,300 people contributing to the crowd funder.

One individual, who has remained anonymous, donated $6,500 to Kari.

Several people have also commented to express their wishes that Kari makes a quick recovery.

“I am so sorry for what happened to her this week. It is disgusting and heartless. Even though one despicable human being caused unimaginable harm, both physically and emotionally, you have a huge community of supporters who are rallying for you,” one comment reads.

“I am too angry about the video to comment on it, but I wish I was there to lend a hand,” another added.

The assault is one of many hate crimes committed against the Asian community in recent months, with analysis from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism revealing that offences targeting Asian people increased by almost 150 per cent last year.

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