Man shouted 'I want to kill a Muslim' after stabbing someone on a train may not be charged as a terrorist

Police figures have recorded an increase in hate crimes
Police figures have recorded an increase in hate crimes

A man who allegedly brandished a knife shouting “Who is a Muslim, I want to kill a Muslim" at a London train station might not be charged as a terrorist.

British Transport Police (BTP) confirmed they attended an alleged assault around 1:18pm at Forrest Hill station, London on Monday. One person was arrested on suspicion of Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

While nobody was killed, one man in his forties had to be treated by ambulance staff and was then later taken to hospital.

And eye witness told the the Daily Mirror that the alleged attacker "was looking for anybody that was Muslim."

The witness added:

Everybody was running and screaming. He was walking up and down the street for about 15 minutes.

The looks on some people's faces, they looked terrified and very scared.

In a statement following the incidident a British Transport Police spokesperson said:

One person has been arrested following the incident and is currently in police custody.

One man was treated by ambulance staff at the scene and is currently en route to hospital.

We are still investigating the circumstances of this incident but at this time, we are not treating it as terrorism-related.

People on Twitter are now accusing the BTP of double standards:

However, people have also pointed out that Muhaydin Mire - who was jailed in August after trying to behead a commuter at Leytonstone Tube Station - was convicted of attempted murder, not a terrorism charge.

Given that the story is still developing, the police may yet change their mind.

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