Obama uses Hillary email analogy to expose the hypocrisy of Trump's iPhone use

Obama uses Hillary email analogy to expose the hypocrisy of Trump's iPhone use

Barack Obama returned to the political arena on Friday to lend his support to Democrats running for office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Speaking to the masses, the former president was on his typical charismatic form and didn't pull any punches when referring to Donald Trump and the Republicans.

You may recall an article from the New York Times which was published on Wednesday which claimed that Chinese and Russian spies are routinely eavesdropping in on calls that Trump makes on his iPhone.

Trump has already denied this and claimed on Twitter that he only uses government phones and that the article is 'fake news.'

However, Obama isn't having any of it and during his speech on Friday made a point of showing how hypocritical it is of Trump and the GOP, who just two years ago was very concerned about Hillary Clinton using an unsecured email server during the 2016 election.

The 57-year-old made references to other scare tactics that the Republicans have used over the years before laying into Trump and his reportedly careless use of his phone.

In the 2010 midterms, it was 'government bureaucrats are going to kill your grandma.' Remember death pants? They just made it up.

2014, 'Ebola is going to kill all of us.' Remember that? 

In the last election, it was Hillary's emails. 'This is terrible'. Hillary's emails.

We were hearing emails everywhere. 'This is a national security crisis'.

They didn't care about emails and you know how we know? 

Because if they did, they'd be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the president's iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart.

It turns out that it wasn't that important.

Obama then went on to talk about the caravan of Central American migrants that was making its way to the United States but is currently stuck in Mexico as another needless story that the GOP are worrying about.

Another not-so-subtle dig at Trump made reference to the indictments plaguing the president's administration.

Their promise to drain the swamp, that was not on the up and up. Nobody in my administration got indicted.

Obama's appearance in Wisconsin was in aide of stumping for Sen. Tammy Baldwin who leads her opponent Sen. Leah Vukmir, according to recent polls.

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