BBC newsreader reveals ‘highlights of 2020’ video package which is exactly zero seconds long

2020 was a long and hard year for almost everyone, with not many fond memories for people to look back on.

So BBC News’ fan favourite Simon McCoy spoke for the nation when he introduced a “very special programme” showing the highlights of 2020. It was precisely zero seconds long.

“Exactly,” the presenter dryly remarked. “It’s farewell 2020.”

McCoy has become known for his witty takes on the news and occasionally cracks up live on air.

Previous classic moments include the newsreader doubling over in fits of laughter about goat yoga, when he descended into giggles after a plane accidentally landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf, being unable to keep a straight face about a yodelling festival, accidentally starting a broadcast at the wrong end of the studio, a deadpan rebuke of Boris Johnson’s model buses hobby and his “peak McCoy” nonplussed response to Pippa Middleton giving birth. 

The latest video has gone viral on social media as viewers praised his sense of humour and exclaimed he had found a fitting way to bid goodbye to the year.

And McCoy himself even replied to a user who complimented the clip on Twitter.

Farewell to 2020 indeed!

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