BBC newsreader Simon McCoy wasn't where he was supposed to be in hilarious live TV blunder

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy is something of a legend in certain sections of the internet due to his laid back and nonchalant approach to his job.

His reactions to planes accidentally landing in the wrong place and royal baby announcements are truly things of beauty, suggesting that he is less of a Ron Burgundy type of reporter and more Veronica Corningstone.

This was once again proven on Monday when, shortly before reading the news at the top of the hour at 4pm, he was inexplicably on the wrong side of the BBC studio.

As the broadcast began the camera sat idly on an empty chair for what felt like an eternity before panning out and roaming over to McCoy how was stood in front of the video screen staring at his watch.

His simple response to the error was:

A very good afternoon to you. I think it is still afternoon...

The mix-up could either have been the production crew's fault or McCoy's, but - either way - it soon made its way on to Twitter and people thought it was hilarious.

HT The Poke

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