Presenter Beverley Turner ‘banned’ from This Morning after making misleading claim about Covid vaccine

Presenter Beverley Turner ‘banned’ from This Morning after making misleading claim about Covid vaccine

Beverley Turner has been ‘blocked’ from appearing as a pundit on This Morning after sharing misleading views about the Covidvaccine, an insider has claimed.

According to a source speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the presenter was banned after she said there was no “long term data” about the efficacy of the vaccine and that getting the vaccine “does not stop you contracting or passing on the virus” during a live debate with Dermot O’Leary this week.

The source told the publication: “Production staff were told Bev is banned from the show after the comments she made... they couldn’t have her on again.”

During the conversation, Turner said: “There is a little bit of evidence to suggest that might minimise transmission but that’s because it ameliorates your symptoms.

“And if it ameliorates your symptoms then you are less likely to pass it on.”

O’Leary said: “The finest minds of science have, in an extraordinarily short amount of time, come up with this vaccine.

“It’s proven it’s working statistically. Why are you so cynical?”

Meanwhile, Ofcom received 122 complaints about the conversation - 53 specifically about Turner’s comments. And fact checking group Full Fact released a statement in response to her claims.

They said: “Multiple, reliable forms of evidence show that vaccines greatly reduce a person’s chance of contracting or passing on a virus.

“Studies have found that people given one dose of the Pfizer vaccine have a 70% reduced risk of becoming infected, both with and without symptoms, rising to 85% after the second dose. This data comes from testing healthcare workers who were tested for Covid every two weeks, regardless of whether they had symptoms.

“As to Ms Turner’s claim on vaccines not stopping people passing on the virus, the evidence suggests that one dose of either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines significantly reduces your chances of passing on the virus to members of your household, if you do catch it.”

Responding to her alleged ban, people on social media were pleased efforts had been made to curb the spread of misinformation:

Meanwhile, Turner doubled down on her claims, posting this statement:

Oh dear. We’ve gone to ITV to see if the source is right.

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