Tesco’s new Christmas advert is winding up anti-vaxxers - here’s why

Tesco’s new Christmas advert is winding up anti-vaxxers - here’s why

Tesco is the latest supermarket to release its 2021 Christmas advert - and because of the inclusion of a double-jabbed Santa showing off his Covid vaccine pass, it’s definitely wound up anti-vaxxers.

The ad called: “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us,” shows Brits making the most of this festive season after lockdown restrictions last year meant that loved ones could not come together to celebrate and spend time with each other.

“After last year, we’re determined to make it a good one,” the video caption reads.

However, the ad then shows a potential hiccup and people panic as a TV news headline reveals that Santa may have to quarantine to travel internationally (not ideal when you’re meant to be delivering presents to kids all over the world).

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But not to worry, as Santa has been double-jabbed, and uses his Covid vaccination pass at the airport to get into the country - reindeers in tow - which is met with celebratory cheers.

However, the nine-second clip in the minute-and-a-half ad has well and truly wound up anti-vaxxers who are now threatening to boycott the supermarket giant over this nod to Covid vaccines passes.

While others found the idea of people boycotting the supermarket over its Christmas ad pretty amusing, and even noted that the idea of anti-vaxxers boycotting Tesco will make them want to shop there more;

Covid wasn’t the only topical reference within the ad as there was also a nod to the food stock shortages the country has experienced this year in the form of a newspaper left on someone’s doorstep with the headline: “Stock Shortages!”

Luckily, this problem in the advert is quickly solved thanks to a kind neighbour who leaves different food items outside each household on their street.

Tesco’s advert also came as a result a survey of 2,000 UK adults which found that 86 per cent of people are planning to “make the most of Christmas this year, no matter what”.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent of people said that they will appreciate Christmas “more than ever” this year.

indy100 has contacted Tesco for comment.

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