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Much has been written about Ivanka Trump's unusual position in the White House.

Donald's second child is also effectively functioning as the First Lady of the United States, while his wife Melania Trump is in New York looking after their son, Barron, and keeping busy by suing the MailOnline.

Ivanka's also been appointed senior advisor to the President despite no government experience, which is definitely not nepotism because she's doing it for free.

She was hailed by some as a potential check on her father's more virulently misogynistic and anti-immigrant policies, but has since found herself criticised for being effortlessly #complicit and failing to challenge her father for her so-called causes.

And let's not forget, Trump famously remarked that it was OK to describe her as 'a piece of ass'.

Here's a list of some of Trump's creepier comments about his daughter Ivanka...

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