This Ivanka billboard is bad, but not for the reason you think

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President Trump has invited President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to visit the White House, in a reportedly friendly phone call.

Durterte, as in, the man who declared war on drugs by killing dealers and users alike, exhorted his population into committing extrajudicial murders for him, claimed he would "eat" extremist terrorists' livers, called the EU "sons of bitches", threatened to bomb hostages calling them "collateral damage, said he would kill his own mayors and local officials, threatened to burn down the UN, admitted to personally killing people while he himself was mayor, and has said he "doesn't give a s***t about human rights".

That much is obvious.

In other news, a photo of a billboard promoting Trump Towers in Manila has started doing the rounds on Twitter, featuring Ivanka.

Ivanka, as in, the senior advisor to the President, and First Daughter of the United States in her own right.

Trump has come under great scrutiny for ongoing ties to his family business, with associated allegations of corruption, nepotism, financially benefiting from the Presidency and violating the Constitution in any number of impeachable ways.

Peter Brack posted this picture on Twitter on Monday and stated that the president of the Philippines had just received an invite to the White House.

And the anti-Trumpsters of Twitter were less than impressed...

Hold your horses, lads.

This photo is actually from 2012, when the building of Trump Tower Manila began.

That's not to say that the potential for Trump and his family business financially benefiting from foreign investment and trade, while simultaneously being responsible for foreign policy, isn't an enormous and unconstitutional conflict of interests.

It is a concern

We're just saying that jumping on this sort of thing without properly checking your facts undermines your own cause.

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