12 tweets that perfectly sum up every person on Black Friday

You’re either a Black Friday person or you aren’t.

Maybe you’re fighting the scrums in the sales or glued to your computer and hitting refresh – or perhaps you’re watching it unfold with a raised eyebrow and a shake of the head.

Whatever your mood, there’s probably a tweet that perfectly sums it up.

1. The one who loves to hate it

2. The one who carries on as normal

3. The one who can’t find the right deal

4. The other one who can’t find the right deal

5. This very British response to Black Friday

6. And this even more British response

7. The one who relates it all to football

8. The poetic one

9. The one that’s a bit too real

10. The one that’s worried about aspect ratios

11. The one who wants to go back to basics

12. And the one that just wants a really good deal

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