Grandmother spends third Thanksgiving with a stranger she once invited to dinner by accident

For many Americans Thanksgiving is a time to share what you are thankful for and to spend time with those that you cherish the most.

That could be your friends, family or even a complete stranger and for three years in a row that is exactly what one grandmother in Phoenix, Arizona has done.

Back in 2016, Wanda Dench accidentally invited Jamal Hinton to her Thanksgiving dinner, mistaking him for her grandchild.

Usually, a wrong number would result in a polite sorry and the two people would never speak of this again.

Except Wanda decided that it would be great to have Jamal come along to her family dinner, which he happily accepted.

This continued into 2017 when Jamal was once again invited to Wanda's family dinner.

Now, this unlikely friendship has had its third instalment, was once again invited to Wanda's Thanksgiving feast.

Jamal shared a new image of him and Wanda together on Twitter and it soon went viral.

This was undoubtedly one of the most wholesome stories of recent Thanksgiving Days and the rest of the internet agrees.

This small heartwarming story has captured the imagination of America and the two have even appeared in an interview in a local news station.

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