An audience member on BBC’s Question Time has given an impassioned speech that sums up what many people are feeling.

As the BBC’s flagship politics show aired from Cardiff, the topic inevitably turned to Boris Johnson’s language in the House of Commons as parliament returned from prorogation.

After the Supreme Court ruled that parliament must re-open, Johnson went on the offensive, ignoring pleas from female MPs to adjust his tone. With many MPs saying they’d been receiving death threats, Labour MP Jo Cox – who was murdered by a right-wing extremist in 2016 – was mentioned.

The prime minister’s response of “humbug” has been fiercely condemned, with even his own sister stating publicly that she doesn’t agree with his tone.

Though a speech from a particularly impassioned Question time member has summed it up better than anyone so far.

Speaking in Cardiff, the unnamed woman said:

I think Jo Cox’s name needs to be brought up because she was killed because of right wing extremism.

I watched for hours yesterday and I was appalled.

Jo Swinson made a very good point yesterday: her child is taught to say sorry. People need to hear that from our Prime Minister. He is creating chaos, he is creating fear and incitement now between people in parliament. 

He knew exactly what he was saying and I think it is a disgrace

On social media, people reacted strongly to the clip, with many praising the woman’s words.

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