A Labour MP has furiously confronted Dominic Cummings. Karl Turner accused Cummings of masterminding Boris Johnson’s bullish Commons performance, which he alleges led to him receiving death threats overnight.

In the video footage, which has gone viral, shadow transport minister Turner is seen making a beeline for Cummings and stating:

I've had death threats overnight.

To this, Cummings casually replies:

Get Brexit done.

An infuriated Turner is seen to respond:

It’s a disgrace. Get Brexit done? I’ve had three opportunities to get Brexit done. If I could have voted for it, I would have voted for it. Don’t tell me to get Brexit done. The Prime Minister should be there negotiating a deal to bring back for me to support.

Cummings, utterly aloof, tells Turner:

I don’t know who you are.

The internet, as is so often the case, had thoughts.

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