Boris Johnson talking to a Brexiteer about dog poo is the most awkward thing you'll see today

Boris Johnson talking to a Brexiteer about dog poo is the most awkward thing you'll see today

Boris Johnson has been banging on about 'getting Brexit done' for months now but what actually happens when someone wants to talk to him about that and another completely random subject?

Well, the answer to this question occurred when the prime minister visited Wythenshawe in south Manchester today. Shortly after throwing a few punches in the boxing ring, Johnson took to the streets to meet the locals.

In a thoroughly awkward moment, a local man began talking to Johnson about dog poo. Yes, that's right dog poo.

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The man tells Johnson that he is tired of seeing dog poo everywhere and suggests the introduction of a five-pound dog licence.

I go to that park every day and it's full of dog poo. It's terrible. Irresponsible owners. 

It's only a fiver. Register your dog. It would be a great thing, you know. 

Johnson though doesn't seem too sure about the idea and fears it might be costly to those that don't have money to spare. The man disagrees.

They shouldn't have a dog should they, if they can't afford a licence. It's only a fiver.

Johnson then reveals that two cabinet ministers are at odds about such a proposal.

I know that one of our ministers wants to do it and another one is against. I'll find out.

The conversation is then drawn to an abrupt and awkward conclusion when the man says:

Well, you've got our vote anyway Mr Johnson. Let's get Brexit done. Get 'em out.

Johnson is then hurried away by his aides but does appear to acknowledge the man's final statement by saying 'we will.'

As you can imagine, in response to this clip, there has been a lot of discussion about dog poo.

However, others have been more concerned about Johnson's lack of response to the 'get 'em out' line, with many questioning just who Brexit will 'get out.'

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