It's a video that we've all seen by now - a crowd of people chanting 'stop the coup' at Boris Johnson as he attempted to deliver his speech outside number 10 yesterday.

Well, now, Twitter favourite Nick Harvey has cleared it up, but it's not exactly what you'd expect.

In a tweet, he shared a doctored version of the video, in which the crowd are shouting a very, very, different chant.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

If you listen really carefully, you can actually make out what the demonstrators are chanting.

Yep, the whole crowd can be heard saying:

Brush your hair!

How very apt.

We're unsure if Boris owns a hairbrush, but we are sure that other Twitter users are very thankful for the hilarious video. Beware: hair puns follow.

Well, at least he's not knocking over small children whilst playing rugby, hey?

HT The Poke

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