Boris Johnson has adopted a dog and people are suggesting hilariously bleak names

Boris Johnson has adopted a dog and people are suggesting hilariously bleak names

It's official! A rescue puppy has moved into Downing Street to live with Boris Johnson, and his partner Carrie Symonds, and people are trying to guess the potential name of the pooch - let's just say that some of the suggestions are very bleak indeed.

The 15-week-old puppy, which has yet to be named, was adopted from Friends of Animals Wales in Rhondda and has been moved into the flat above Number 10, where Johnson and Symonds live.

Speaking to the BBC, TV vet Marc Abraham, who has worked with the charity's owner Eileen Jones, said:

It was important to shine a light on the work she's doing.

It's entirely voluntary with huge vets bills so they only rescue and rehabilitate the ones with the most problems.

He added:

When I was speaking to Carrie about what dog to get and where to get it from, she gets it. She is a massive supporter of the Lucy's Law campaign.

Carrie and Boris are helping to get a very, very vulnerable dog that's otherwise likely to be killed.

They are both massive dog lovers. 

It goes without saying that the internet had a lot of jokes about the whole situation, with many suggesting some rather depressing names for the little puppy.

Larry the cat even got involved with a poll.

There were also lots of generic jokes, too.

Will the dog bark aggressively at non-whites?

Perhaps democracy will be stolen... or Boris' heart, perhaps?

Many people noticed that the little pup appeared to be less than happy about the whole situation.

Some breaking Dominic Cummings news...

Hello darkness my old friend...

Dead cat strategy!

Run, pal!

We must save this poor dog!


Unfortunately Boris Johnson, and his partner Carrie Symonds both decided it would be better to ignore the above suggestions opting instead to name the pooch Dilyn.

Which, oddly enough translates in Welsh to 'follow'. Which is ironic on all levels.

The new pup will join Larry the Cat, a stalwart of Number 10, and some people have been worried about the cat's wellbeing. However, there is no need to be concerned, as the new puppy has lived with cats before.

In a statement, Mr Abraham said:

He has been living in a foster home with a cat and is house-trained, and is doing the basic commands already.


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