Boris Johnson went in goal at a childrens' football match and it went about as well as you'd expect


If there’s one rule of politics, it’s this: do not play sports in front of cameras.

(Oh, and don’t eat food either – especially bacon sandwiches).

But one person who still hasn't learned this lesson is prime minister Boris Johnson.

Remember when he literally rugby tackled an actual child?

This time, Johnson took a turn in goal while players warmed up at a girl’s football match between Hazel Grove United JFC and Poynton Juniors Cheadle Hulme. The PM made the appearance as he took his general election campaign to the north west of England.

As is always the case when a politician tries their hand at sports, there’s plenty of photos to mark the occasion.

Here’s a selection of the best snaps of Boris the goalie.

Gary Neville has criticised Boris Johnson

For Johnson, it remains to be seen whether calling the 12 December election will be a stunning victory, or an own goal.

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