Boris Johnson arrived late for the Tory leadership results and the jokes wrote themselves

Boris Johnson has been crowned as the new prime minister of the UK after besting Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership contest, to replace Theresa May at the head of the UK government.

The former mayor of London won 92,153 votes amongst Conservative party members, with Hunt earning 46,656. Johnson, therefore, had 65.4 per cent of the vote and will be the next prime minister that takes the country out of the EU on October 31.

The result was practically a foregone conclusion as Johnson was the firm favourite to succeed May from the very start of the contest so you would think that he would try and turn up on time for his coronation.

In typical Johnson fashion, this wasn't the case at all. The results were due to be announced at 11:45 am on Tuesday morning but wasn't actually confirmed till gone midday.

This was mostly because Johnson was late, forcing the whole thing to run 20 minutes later than planned and as you can imagine, the jokes really did write themselves.

Still, he does have form for this type of thing...

Let's just hope that Johnson isn't late for his first official day on the job, which will be Wednesday afternoon, following Theresa May's final prime minister's questions before tendering her resignation to the Queen.

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