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A Tory MP and ex-Army officer Bob Stewart has said that he's backing Boris for prime minister because he could trust him with 'a platoon of 36 soldiers if they had to do an attack'. Yes, really.

We've heard a number of strange reasons to support Boris for the top job, but the fact that he would be able to lead 36 soldiers into an attack really has to take the biscuit.

Anyway, Mr Stewart was speaking on The Victoria Derbyshire Show, when he was asked why he's backing Boris for the top job.

Speaking to the reporter, he said:

Well, I have been a soldier for most of my adult life, and I've commanded a battle group and I've been in combat. 

It might sound trite to some, but one quick way of me assessing people is to actually ask myself if I would actually trust any of these people with a platoon of 36 soldiers if they had to do an attack against somewhere.

In response, Victoria Derbyshire said:

And the answer was yes you would trust Boris Johnson to lead that platoon?

Mr Stewart then said:

Yes it was. Yes, of course he's done things wrong. But I have to ask you, who hasn't done things wrong?

Derbyshire then interjected:

What do you think he's done wrong?

Again, Mr Stewart said:

Well, in the past, people have accused him of philandering, with people, with, obviously ladies, but you know what, so what? 

Churchill in 1940 had a lot of people against him and I actually want a leader of this country. I want someone who is going to get out there, and inspire, someone that has flaws, yes! Everyone's got flaws. 

And I recon he's the guy, and he's the one, as far as I was concerned, when I did my rough and ready, some would say silly, but it wasn't silly to me. 

Would I trust any of these four to lead a platoon in battle? Well, Boris got top marks. 

Right, well we've literally heard it all, now!

Surely, this must be a... mistake?

So this trumps, you know, the ability to provide health care for example?

It all got a bit Black Adder.

Do an attack!

Yes, sure, from the comfort of his own home!

This, my friends, is the definition of 'risible'.

There are currently only three names left in the race to become the leader of the Conservative party, with Boris competing with Jeremy Hunt, and Michael Gove for the top job.

The top two will then be on the ballot for the 160,000 strong Conservative party membership, with the final results expected July 22. Mr Johnson is currently the bookies' favourite for the top job.

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