Tories compared to Trump after reportedly threatening to boycott BBC Radio 4

Tories compared to Trump after reportedly threatening to boycott BBC Radio 4

The Tories have only just reaffirmed their grip on British politics and are already being accused of mirroring one of their biggest admirers – Donald Trump.

This comes after sources close to the party told the Mail on Sunday that the Tories are planning to boycott the Today programme over the show's "biased reporting" during the general election.

This was confirmed by veteran BBC correspondent John Simpson, who tweeted about the Tories move on Sunday.

The Number 10 source is quoted by the Mail as saying:

The BBC speaks to a pro-Remain metropolitan bubble in Islington, not the real world represented by Wakefield and Workington.

There has been a failure by senior management at the BBC, and we expect them to launch an internal review of their performance.

However, the BBC have reportedly pushed back against these claims, saying that they "trumped up" and are part of an "agenda to use the new Tory majority to break the corporation's independence."

The Tories' apparent gripe with the BBC seems to fly in the face of the accusations that have been aimed at the network, which some felt favoured the Tories over the Labour Party.

Examples of this included the Beeb's political editor, Laura Kuenssberg being heavily criticised on social media for her reporting on an incident between Matt Hancock's aide and a Labour activist.

However, the fresh criticism being aimed at the Tories isn't related this, but to their apparent imitation of Donald Trump, who has routinely attempted to suppress coverage of his administration from networks that don't agree with him, such as CNN.

The similarity between these two stories has seen people draw a lot of conclusions between the leaders of the British and US governments, who are pretty friendly with each other.

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