The results of the 2019 general election made one man very happy.

Donald Trump, of course.

The leader of the free world took to Twitter to congratulate Johnson on his decisive election victory.

Trump has long been a fan of Johnson. During his visit to the UK during the election campaign, he praised Britain’s prime minister, calling him a "good guy".

Following Trump’s tweet, lots of people started saying their goodbyes to the NHS, which they fear will be sold off to the US as part of a post-Brexit trade deal.

Despair is very much in the air.

There's even an open letter circulating, which begs Johnson not to se​ll off the​ NHS to Trump.

The NHS being “on the table” was a key point of contention during the election campaign. Johnson and the Tories frequently denied that this was the case, after Jeremy Corbyn revealed documents that he claimed inferred the opposite.

Now that Britain has decisively backed Boris Johnson and Brexit looks certain to happen, only time will tell…

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