Watch Boris Johnson raving about the 'wonderful' Brexit deal he's now accused of 'ripping up'

Watch Boris Johnson raving about the 'wonderful' Brexit deal he's now accused of 'ripping up'
Screengrab: Twitter

So, surprise surprise. All is not well in Brexit-ville.

There was always a headache about how to leave the European Union without creating a hard border with Northern Ireland ‒ and the government claimed last year that this hurdle had been overcome. The Northern Irish protocol that was agreed by both sides... but now it's getting more complicated.

Now, reports suggest that government ministers will be "rewriting" certain parts ‒ and some people think that’s a very bad idea, as it will make the UK look bad on the global stage.

So what happened to all the assurances that Brexit was “oven-ready”?

Boris Johnson is now reportedly expected to say that parts of this deal (the same one he described as "very good" and "great") "didn't make sense"...

And that's exactly what this hilarious video points out.

In the video posted on Twitter, we see Boris Johnson describing his “great deal” at least three times, although sometimes he calls it “wonderful” or “fantastic”. On one occasion he says he has a “very good deal for both the EU and the UK”.

If we were going by what Boris said in the past, one might think his deal was basically the best thing since sliced bread.

But now he's being forced to deny that he's "ripping up" that very same deal.

And if an agreement can't be reached by 15 October, it seems like a no deal Brexit is likely.

So, to cut a long story short, Brexit keeps being Brexit and 2020 keeps being 2020.

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