Breastfeeding mother and newborn allegedly kicked out of restaurant

Demonstrations took place outside a restaurant last week after a mother was allegedly asked to leave while breastfeeding.

Ruby Meeden and her husband Aaron brought four-day-old Rhett to a family meal at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Anacortes, Washington.

She told KOMO News that Rhett was hungry at the restaurant, so she “covered” and fed him, “facing the wall”.

According to Aaron, the owner left the family waiting for half an hour and then approached them and told them to leave.

When they tried to find out why they were being asked to leave, Aaron alleges the owner told them to “never come back.”

Ruby added: “My choice to breastfeed my child in that restaurant was the reason my entire family was thrown out. It sucked."

The couple say they now plan on asking the state Human Rights Commission to investigate.

Indy100 has reached out to Greek Islands Restaurant for comment.

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