Brexit: 30 of the funniest signs from the Put it to the People march

Greg Evans
Sunday 24 March 2019 10:30

Yesterday an estimated one million people marched across London to demand a people's vote on Brexit.

The historic event comes after an online petition demanding that Article 50 is revoked and the UK remains in the EU surpassed 4 million signatures.

If you happened to be on Twitter yesterday you would have no doubt seen some of the excellent and absolutely hilarious signs from the march.

So, without further ado, these in our humble opinion are the 30 funniest signs from the march.

1. Blame the Etonians


Picture:(Jordan Waller)

3. Summoning circle

4. Martin Brennan of This Time fame

5. 'Gentleman, you can't fight in here...'

Picture:(Jordan Waller)

6. Even the introverts are here

7. 'Colossal'

8. Atomic Kitten? What year is this?

Picture:(Jordan Waller)

9. A Brexit Haiku

10. 'That's a tasty burger'

11. Rick Astley

12. Monty Python

13. Ctlr. Alt. Delete

14. Oral sex from a piranha?

15. John Bercow

16. 'Quite frankly farcical'

17. 'Smell my cheese'

18. Break in case of an emergency

Picture:(Jordan Waller)

19. Has anyone seen Society (1989)?

Picture:(Jordan Waller)

20. A very British solution

21. Better meatballs too...

22. None, but in yellow

23. Sorry, we tried to deliver...

24. Not now dad...

25. Even this boy's Grandma has changed her mind

26. 'Does it spark joy?'

27. Swipe left on Brexit

28. A diverse bunch indeed

29. Whitney


30. Put it to the people

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