With what looks like the largest peaceful demonstration in human history about to descend on London, asking the prime minister to put her final Brexit deal to the people, pro-Brexit supporters are getting pretty vocal online.

The Put it to the People march, taking place in London, comes after an online petition to revoke Article 50 went viral online.

At one stage, the petition was gaining over two thousand signatures a minute and, at the time of publication, the signature tally count has surpassed 4 million.

Though, as with all things Brexit, not everyone is happy.

Arch Brexiteer Julia Hartley-Brewer has taken to Twitter to cast doubts on the credibility of the petition.

Though Hartley-Brewer’s intervention, as is so often the case, isn’t based in the world of facts.

Firstly, no email address can be used repeatedly.

For your name to be counted, each person has to click a verification e-mail link, which can only be used once.

If you sign it twice, you get an email like the one below.

If you wanted to sign the petition more than once, you’d have to actually create new email addresses each time – much more time-consuming.

Of course, given Hartley-Brewer’s polarising status within the current political discourse, people were quick to point out her error.

The Twitter roasting was swift.

After the dust had settled, the broadcaster tweeted that she now realises you can't actually sign the petition multiple times using the same email address.

Of course, it is a great pity that "Remoaners" take things, like spreading false information, "so seriously".

We can't think how we ended up in this mess...

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