Today's Put It To The People march sees protestors taking to the streets of central London in their thousands to demand a second Brexit referendum in response to the abject failure of Theresa May's government to secure a palatable deal with the EU.

The Independent has been calling for a "Final Say" since July 2018 and last attended a rally in October, when almost 700,000 demonstrators brandished signs and placards to make their feelings known.

Since then, the PM's unpopular deal has twice been defeated in "meaningful votes" inside the House of Commons, forcing Europe to grant a short extension to allow for further negotiations and rescue us from a default no-deal Brexit.

With parliament divided and the situation mired in deadlock, the event organised by the People's Vote arrives as a "Revoke Article 50" petition sails past the three million signatures mark.

The march is backed by celebrities Stephen Fry, Gary Lineker, Kiera Knightley and Sir Patrick Stewart, who's even picking up the tab to bus in demonstrators from Yorkshire.

Today's scenes serve as a spectacular demonstration of democracy in action.

But it's not the only march currently underway to express dissatisfaction at the manner in which Brexit has unfolded.

The Leavers are as appalled as the Remainers and some have been "passionate" (or misguided) enough to join Nigel Farage's long walk from Sunderland.

Twitter users have been quick to mock the desolate scenes of the Leave Means Leave march from the North East, where "core marchers" have been charged £50 to trudge through the rain.

The tragicomic spectacle was brilliantly characterised by LBC radio host James O'Brien last week as...

The best illustration of Brexit you'll ever see. Sixty or 70 poor souls abandoned in the weather by wealthy business, media and political figures who are back in London, dry, warm and wealthy.

Grim. At least Fyre Festival was in the Bahamas.

The only thing more desperate than the situation on the ground is Farage's insistence that 20 million people are on the march "in spirit".

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