We’re often told that people have “changed their mind” on Brexit, but in the public eye, it’s rare to see someone admitting they’ve changed their view on the biggest issue facing the UK for a generation.

But now a prominent supporter of Brexit and Daily Mail columnist has called for a “long pause” over quitting the EU, suggesting that the UK considers “rethinking the decision altogether”.

Peter Oborne has said that Brexit has “paralysed” the UK and that Theresa May should accept Donald Tusk’s offer for a year-long extension.

Oborne also hits out at Brexiteers for the “succession of claims about leaving the EU that have turned out to be untrue”.

He writes:

I argue, as a Brexiteer, that we need to take a long deep breath. We need to swallow our pride, and think again. Maybe it means rethinking the Brexit decision altogether.

Up until now, Oborne has remained a strong supporter of Brexit, but his public change of heart comes as May has reached out to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to reach a Brexit compromise.

Without a deal or a delay, the UK is at risk of tumbling out without a deal later this week.

Oborne writes that Brexit has “turned Britain into a laughing stock” and decries that so many companies are making plans to leave the UK.

He says:

If we are honest, we Brexiteers have to admit that the economic arguments for Brexit have been destroyed by a series of shattering blows.

When hedge-fund managers and the Communist Party see eye-to-eye on any question, it’s time to be concerned.

I readily accept that the European Union is a dysfunctional body beset by all manner of problems. But the lesson of the last two years is that we are much better off working inside the EU ... for reform and not as a hostile neighbour.

Suspending Brexit will be greatly preferable to the alternative.

He also said that British parliament is currently not in the correct frame of mind to make a considered decision on the Brexit Process

Ask any psychologist when is the worst time to reach a decision.They agree that it is when you suffer from exhaustion and emotional collapse. Speaking candidly, that is the state of mind in which most of our

Before reflecting on the long term effects of any Brexit conclusion that we eventually reach

It’s a decision which will not just viscerally impact the lives of our children. But also our children’s children.

And their children too.

Even going as far as comparing Theresa May to the villain in Terminator 2 the last weeks of her premiership.

As the end has come closer she’s turned into a shapeshifter, like the android assassin in the final stages of the second ‘Terminator’ film, moving desperately from one Brexit model to another.

Most people online found that, whatever their views on Brexit, it was refreshing to hear someone admit publicly that their mind has changed.

H/T: Huffington Post

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