Remember three years ago, shortly before the referendum, when Brexiteers were raving about what Brexit would bring to the country?

Well, it's safe to say now that whatever predictions or promises were made by these politicians, have now aged very, very badly.

Recently, footage of "arch Brexiteer" Andrea Leadsom emerged, in which she made some pretty outrageous predictions about where Brexit would be at this point in time.

Speaking at an RSA conference called "The EU Referendum: Brexit or Bremain?", Leadsom not only said that Britain would be out of the EU by Christmas 2018 (wrong), but that they would also have mapped out a trade deal with the EU at this point (also wrong).

She also said that Britain would have new FTAs with China and India, providing 300,000 new jobs on the first day of Brexit (wrong, wrong, wrong).

While the future remains still unclear, Leadsom's predictions prove to just be plainly untrue.

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