Led By Donkeys plough anti-Brexit message into field saying ‘Britain Now Wants To Remain’

Led By Donkeys plough anti-Brexit message into field saying ‘Britain Now Wants To Remain’

The Brexit protest group Led By Donkeys have unveiled its biggest project yet ahead of the People’s Vote march.

A huge anti-Brexit message has been ploughed into a field in Wiltshire, telling MPs that “Britain Now Wants To Remain”, as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to protest the UK’s exit from the EU on Saturday.

The video footage accompanying the project, which Led By Donkeys says took five days to do, comes with a voiceover from Lisa Dodd; a woman who claims she voted Leave in 2016 but now backs Remain.

Dodd said:

I voted leave because of the NHS, I just can’t believe I fell for it…

People say to me about 17.4 million people voted for this and that’s what they want.

I’m one of those 17.4 million and that is not what I want – that is not what I voted for. I want my vote back, I’ve had my vote stolen.

Olly Knowles, one of the founders of Led By Donkeys, has told the Press Association that politicians are losing sight of a “simple, crucial truth” that the UK does not want to leave the EU anymore.

He cited a recent poll of polls as evidence:

A YouGov analysis of 300 polls shows a majority of Britons would now vote to stay in the European Union. Boris Johnson may have a deal but that doesn't mean he has the support of the public.

Research by the polling company showed 204 of the 226 polls before 2019 showed Remain in the lead, with 15 tied and seven in favour of leaving.

And the 74 polls from 2019 showed just one poll supporting Leave.

David Lewis, the farmer who allowed the message to be ploughed in his field, said he was proud to host the protest as “Brexit would be just awful for farming.”

The message was apparently so powerful for some Remain social media accounts that it brought them to tears.

The People’s Vote march will take place in London tomorrow, starting near Marble Arch at 12pm.

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