These David Davis tweets really haven't aged well

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Now David Davis has quit as Brexit secretary, people are taking time to remember what Britain has lost in its quest to break free from the EU without irreparably damaging itself in the process.

Well, unbridled optimism that refused to bow down to cruel Remoaners and their obsession with 'reality' summed up Davis, it seems - the same ceaseless confidence that appeared to rear its hopeful head when Davis told the BBC that he quit because Theresa May had "given away too much too easily".

Following Davis' shock resignation, Jon Stone, Europe correspondent for The Independent, took to Twitter to remind us of Davis' thoughts mere months before his appointment as Brexit secretary.

Warning: they looked bad then and even worse now.

Here are the tweets in full.

Where to start? Probably on Davis' claim that the UK would easily forge new trade deals with Germany, France and "other key EU nations", a plan that sounds nice but is totally illegal under EU law.

A central, basic feature to the EU is that member countries cannot negotiate individual trade deals, rendering Davis' string of tweets nothing more than a pleasant, admittedly dull daydream.

Two years on and, unsurprisingly, none of these illegal trade deals look close to coming about and David 'Brexit Will Be A Walk In The Park' Davis has resigned.

Then there's Davis' more forgivable assertion that non-EU countries will be eager to trade with Britain. As Stone recently explained in The Independent, such deals "aren't as straightforward as they appear".

The Institute for Fiscal Studies also warns that “simple arithmetic” and “a basic understanding of trade” show the gains from such agreements are likely to be small anyway.

People are once again shocked about Davis' ignorance over the thing he was meant to care about.

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