Piers Morgan claims Trump is the only person who can 'sort out this ridiculous Brexit mess'

Piers Morgan claims Trump is the only person who can 'sort out this ridiculous Brexit mess'

At the moment, there are two very big topics in the news that are hard to avoid; Donald Trump and Brexit.

In the past, these two widely unpopular and divisive subjects haven't interacted too much but, when they have, it hasn't been pretty.

The day after the 2016 EU referendum, Trump arrived in Scotland to visit his golf course and claimed people were 'going wild over the vote' and 'they took their country back' failing to notice that all of Scotland voted to Remain.

Another time the POTUS tried to claim that the people would soon be calling him 'Mr Brexit!' They didn't...

That was a long time ago, and Trump and the British government have had much bigger things on their plate to have to start dealing with each other again, especially at such a delicate time.

Yet, for some reason, Piers Morgan believes that Trump is the only man that can sort out Brexit. Yes, really.

Of course, it's highly unlikely that Piers is actually being serious here and is just attempting to mock Remainers and Trump critics on Twitter with a fiery tweet and, lo and behold, it worked.

However, some saw the clear joke that Morgan was trying to make a decided that they weren't going to fall for it and get rattled, with some even playing along.

Morgan did later suggest that his post wasn't entirely serious, so let's just say this was a typical bit of trolling from the Good Morning Britain presenter.

However, Trump has since tweeted that he looks forward to negotiating a 'large scale' trade deal with the UK so who knows what is going on anymore.

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