Brexit voter leaves radio host James O'Brien stunned after arguing against basic facts


There's no denying that the entire Brexit debate has completely and utterly descended into some kind of exhausting and never ending farce.

However, despite the arguments on both sides, there's surely one thing both Brexiteers and Remainers can agree on, and that's the cold hard facts of the situation. We mean, there can't be any disagreement on those? Can there?

Wrong. Of course there can.

This phone call between LBC presenter James O'Brien and a Leave voter pretty much sums up the situation we're all now in. And, we hate to break it to you, but it's not a good one.

On his regular show, a Brexiteer named Paul got into a debate with the presenter over the divorce settlement for us leaving the EU, which will be £39 billion, and the annual fee of membership, which is £13 billion.

However, Paul the Brexiteer was having none of it. Despite O'Brien repeating that these statistics weren't up for debate, Paul had other ideas, and kept on trying to argue his version of reality.

At one point, O'Brien loses his cool, and asks Paul when he'll finally accept the facts:

At what point do you think you will realise reality?

Paul responded:

Well... my reality is...

But, James cut him off:

There it is, 'my reality'.

O'Brien then completely loses his rag:

I'm not talking about your reality. Your reality is that if you keep sending the cheques, you'll get your unicorn.

I'm talking about undeniable reality, not a reality that conflates and confuses the divorce settlement with the membership subscription.

Not a reality that misunderstands, either deliberately or accidentally why we're withdrawing from Galileo despite having paid for more of it that almost any other European country.

You need to ask people who voted Leave why we're doing that, not people like me who think it's a stupid thing to do.

And of course, why they've taken all your money, promised to send you a unicorn for Christmas and now they've pulled you out of Galileo.

And that pretty much sums it all up.


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