This picture of a bus is the perfect metaphor for Brexit

This picture of a bus is the perfect metaphor for Brexit
Reuters/ Twitter

The best analogy on the reality of the Brexit deadlock goes this week to a photo of a "Believe in Britain" bus trying to drive through a closed road.

The photo was taken ahead of the UKIP-organised and Tommy Robinson-backed "Brexit Betrayal" march through London on Sunday.

Protestors demanded a no-strings hard Brexit and the march included people carrying a hangman's noose for Theresa May.

It's fair to say that the image of the "Brexit Betrayal" bus taken before the march nailed people's feelings of despair as Theresa May delays the House of Commons' vote on her deal.

The journalist who posted the photo wrote:

Been sent this spectacularly timed shot of a Brexit bus zooming onwards despite the road ahead being closed

People on Twitter are loving the post, which has been shared more than a thousand times since Tuesday.

Whether or not Theresa May manages to keep the Brexit bus on the road, at least we can look forward to more hilarious moments like this.

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