Controversial pro-Brexit group tweet 'vile' image mocking Eddie Izzard

Louis Staples
Monday 02 April 2018 12:00
Picture:(GETTY Images / MATT HORWOOD)

It has been 21 months since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Far from settling divisions, the debate over Britain’s future continues, with attitudes seemingly more entrenched than ever before.

Leave.EU, one of the main groups who campaigned for Brexit, has regularly come under fire for posting tweets that encourage hostile or discriminatory behaviour and attitudes.

Just last week, a cross-party group of MPs condemned a tweet by the group’s verified account, @LeaveEUOfficial, as "offensive".

The group, led by Conservative MP Anna Soubry and Labour MP Wes Streeting, said:

This tweet is thoroughly distasteful and offensive. It is also nothing to do with leaving the EU.

It is however proof that Leave.EU is a front organisation for a far right group that is more interested in spreading hatred and creating division than upholding British values of respect and tolerance.

Yet just a few days later, on March 31, the account posted another tweet that has been widely condemned.

The tweet, which features a picture of Eddie Izzard, appears to mock the comedian - who identifies as transgender - and Labour NEC member for wearing women's clothes.

Labour MP David Lammy, who has become known for responding to Leave.EU’s dog whistle posts on social media, labelled the tweet "vile" and “grossly offensive”.

Leave.EU co-founder Arron Banks told indy100:

The truth always seems offensive to Lammy and the hard left Labour elite, whether it’s anti-semitism, the Muslim issue (which know one must ever talk about) or Brexit.

There is nothing offensive pointing out how out of touch Labour has become, a picture says a thousand words, clearly they have forgotten their working class roots putting a Labour elite London luvvies on the NEC just proves the point - suggest they take a trip north of Islington and see for themselves how out of touch Labour have become - if its offended Lammy and his luvvies, good.

Lammy is an MP for Tottenham, the North London constituency located roughly seven miles north of Islington.

indy100 has contacted representatives for Eddie Izzard for comment.

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