A woman has shared an unbelievable text message exchange with a bridezilla cousin and people are speechless.

“I barely speak to my cousin. Like maybe once annually during holidays? Or when she wants something,” said the Reddit user, before posting screenshots of the conversation.

It starts off fairly civilised, as the unnamed bride asks if the poster can step in and cover for a bridesmaid who has pulled out at the last minute.

When the poster politely declines, things take a turn for the very bizarre as the bride tries to guilt, manipulate and insult her into saying yes.

Despite the poster repeatedly saying she is not comfortable being a bridesmaid, her words seem to fall on willfully deaf ears, and the cousin starts demanding she transfer her money for the bridesmaid's dress she does not want.


Finally, when all else fails, the cousin goes full-on bridezilla, disinviting her from the wedding altogether, calling her a "real bitch", and outrageously saying she was "too fat" to be in the wedding.


The thread was posted yesterday to r/ChoosingBeggars, a subreddit where users post screenshots of people expecting unreasonable things from them.

But even by those standards this seems to have touched a nerve, with more than 500 comments sympathising with the poster, and suggesting that she leak the messages, naming and shaming the cousin.

Others were confused by the whole premise of the woman needing an extra bridesmaid, and expecting her to pay for a dress she didn't pick or want.

There were also those who suggested looking on the bright side.

And many commenters seemed to have different priorities, commenting instead on the use of the American "could care less" as opposed to the British (couldn't care less).

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