Britain First tried to 'invade' a halal slaughterhouse. It went very badly

Did you have a nice Bank Holiday weekend? Oh good yes us too. Clearly you're not a member of Britain First, who decided to spend their extra time off "invading" a halal slaughterhouse to "expose" the practice.

A video posted to the far-right group's Facebook page on Monday evening shows deputy leader Jayda Fransen and several other Britain First members force their way into the floor of a slaughterhouse.

Fransen screams at staff, customers and the camera about halal meat eaters worshipping a false God and Satan and practising a "disgusting, vile ideology".

Don’t you realise you’re in Great Britain? In Britain, why do we have halal slaughterhouses? Why are you offering these animal up to Allah, a fake god, Satan. Do any of you have any morals?

Not content with terrorising the workers, she then addresses customers waiting on the shop side.

Look at all these people here buying halal-slaughtered meat. You are in Great Britain. Halal slaughter is barbaric. How can you live with yourselves? Look at you, every single one of you. This is a Christian country and the Bible says no Christian should eat meat offered to a false god.

My grandfather fought for this country and he didn’t do that for you people to turn it into little Pakistan by you people carrying out these barbaric practices for a disgusting, vile ideology.

Leader Paul Golding, who appears to be filming, calls the workers a "disgrace", and another member of the group accuses shoppers of funding terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah with their dinners.

It is, quite frankly, appalling.

As with basically everything Britain First does, a quick fact check is in order:

  • Halal slaughter isn't more or less "barbaric" than some other methods of killing animals

  • The interpretation and practice of halal slaughter varies widely throughout Islam

  • A huge amount of meat in the UK is halal compliant anyway, so this one slaughterhouse has not been "exposed"

  • As for the charge of cruelty, the RSPCA estimates that 88 per cent of animals killed for halal meat are stunned first

Last but not least, Fransen might want to reevaluate her claim that her grandfather didn't fight for "you people to turn [this country] into little Pakistan."

An estimated 400,000 Muslim soldiers fought for Britain in WWI - most from present-day India and Pakistan.

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