The head of British Airways wore a hi-vis jacket in an office and people have questions

@British_Airways/Twitter screengrab

On Saturday a computer error led to British Airways cancelling all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick.

The incident saw all flight plans and passenger details vanish from British Airways computers.

To deal with the calamity, all flights to and from Heathrow and Gatwick were cancelled on Saturday.

On Sunday passengers to be were told to remain at home unless they had a confirmed booking for travel.

In a statement he said there was no sign of a cyber attack.

As scandals with airlines go, this isn't the worst one of 2017, yet every PR person at an airline must be on high alert these days.

So that's probably why the Chairman and CEO of British Airways Alex Cruz decided to reassure us all that he was taking the initiative, by wearing a hi-vis jacket indoors.

Naturally, we're all wondering what's so hazardous in the BA Operations Centre 'near Heathrow'.

While some have suggested that the jacket is mandatory wear, for whenever someone visits when duties take you airside, this doesn't explain why Cruz is the only one visible in the video wearing one.

Picture: @British_Airways/Twitter video screengrab

One user suggested it's a management thing.

indy100 has approached British Airways for comment.

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