Burger King is selling an upside down Whopper in honour of Stranger Things (Burger King)
Burger King is selling an upside down Whopper in honour of Stranger Things (Burger King)

With the upcoming return of Stranger Things, it appears everything is transforming into the Upside-Down - even fast-food burgers.

To celebrate season three of the Netflix series, Burger King has announced it will sell an Upside-Down Whopper in stores across the US in reference to the show’s alternate reality.

The upside-down version of the chain’s signature burger won’t be too different from the Whopper customers know and love.

In fact, the themed burger won’t be different at all except for the fact it will be served with the bottom-bun on the top and the sesame seed-covered bun on the top.

Burger King will be using special packaging to ensure customers understand why their hamburgers have been made incorrectly.

“The King of flame-grilling is turning upside down," Burger King said in a press release. "The Upside-Down Whopper sandwich features exclusive packaging and the same ingredients as the original Whopper, served upside-down."

Unfortunately for Stranger Things fans and for fans of potentially messier burgers, not all Burger King locations will be participating in the promotion.

According to the chain, the Upside-Down Whopper will only be available in select locations in cities including Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

On social media, people are understandably confused and underwhelmed by the promotion.

Participating Burger King restaurants will also be offering customers limited-edition T-shirts, pins, crowns and ketchup packets inspired by the show, which premieres on 4 July.

If pins and flipped burgers didn't show dedication enough to the show, Burger King's official Twitter account has also undergone a makeover - now featuring the name "Stranger King".

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