Calling tampons a luxury item is ridiculous and this short film proves it

An amendment to the Finance Bill, calling for an end to the five per cent "luxury" tax on tampons failed to pass in the House of Commons last month.

Despite widespread campaigning around the matter and an impassioned speech in parliament from Labour MP Stella Creasy, the tax - which FYI does not apply to edible cake decorations, men's razors or jelly shots - is here to stay.

However, writer and director Bethan Seller and her team are calling bulls--t on the government's refusal to budge with a new campaign website and short film highlighting the bloody absurdity of the period tax.

Picture: Isabella Bunnell

"For those of you who don’t know, an Ungodly Higher Power has been taxing periods since 1973… (And when I say U.H.P, I mean the government...)," Seller writes on her website Luxuriously Taxable.


I'm sure we can all agree, there's nothing more luxurious than wedging a compact piece of cotton up your bleeding vagina for around 7 days every month…


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