The rhetoric in the lead up to the European Elections was always going to be contentious and bitter but nothing left a more unpleasant taste in the mouth than Carl Benjamin's comments about Labour's Jess Phillips.

This related to past jokes that Benjamin had aimed at Phillips, where he had said that 'he wouldn't even rape her' during a Twitter spat dating back to 2016.

The comments reemerged after Ukip confirmed that Benjamin, also known for his YouTube persona 'The Sargon of Akkad' would be standing as one of their candidates in South West England for the EU elections.

Things became even more ugly before election day as Benjamin continued to state that his comment was just a joke and that he was 'trying to bring comedy back to the UK.'

Ultimately Benjamin's campaign failed to win over voters in the South West, where Ukip managed to win just 3 per cent of votes as their influence on British politics continued to decline.

Phillips, who didn't shy away from debates surrounding Benjamin's comments and gave a simple three-word response when she heard that he had failed in his bid to become an MEP.

Her very subtle takedown of Benjamin warranted a flurry of responses and has been liked over 11,000 times on Twitter.

This may or may not be the last time that we hear from Benjamin and the debate around his so-called 'jokes' but it feels like a fitting close to a distasteful chapter in British politics.

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