Channel 4 froze again and got stuck on a very appropriate picture

Channel 4 froze again and got stuck on a very appropriate picture

Channel 4 went down once again on Wednesday afternoon and the picture viewers were met with couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The channel froze during a discussion about superstition on Steph’s Packed Lunch, with viewers being met with a static image of comedian Dane Baptiste with the on-screen text read: “Nightmare on Elm Street… Are you superstitious?”

Steph’s Packed Lunch has fully embraced the joke and updated their Twitter header and main image to the frozen image of Baptiste.

Steph’s Packed Lunch / Twitter

Joining in on the fun, the show’s host Steph McGovern tweeted that Baptiste held the pose for ten minutes, before later sending a tweet claiming a stunt double had to step in:

The man himself also joined in on the Twitter banter, tweeting: “If you’re gonna ask me about nightmares on Elm Street, odds are I’m gonna freeze up. I don’t do horror.”

In another tweet he said: “How many comics can say they broke Channel 4. THIS GUY!”

The channel resumed broadcasting at a slight delay after around 20 minutes.

During that time, people took to Twitter to share their confusion, and of course, to poke fun at the channel:

Some wondered what Baptiste was looking at - was he looking at a lightbulb, or perhaps a special guest with razor-sharp fingers clad in a striped shirt and top hat?

Replying to a tweet, Baptiste revealed that thankfully, it wasn’t Mr Krueger that caught his eye.

Rather, it was: “Career, ambition, love, children.” He added: “It’s all almost within reach.”

In a tweet, Channel 4 said: “We’re sorry about our tech hiccup this afternoon and hope you can now view as normal. Further updates will be posted here.”

In a statement to indy100, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: “We experienced a short outage due to the ongoing challenges of broadcasting via our emergency back-up site.”

Channel 4 and More4 previously suffered disruption on 25 September, with Channel 4 and ITV later suffering another major outage on 11 October.

E4 also experienced a scheduling issue at the beginning of October when a rerun of Married at First Sight UK played instead of the scheduled finale. This was due to the ongoing “tech issues” the network experienced at the time.

As we count down the days to Halloween, we’re certain the latest outage gave the staff at Channel 4 a scare.

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