The 10 most bizarre superstitions of people in Britain

While breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder may be well known superstitions, research to mark Friday 13th has uncovered some of the most bizarre worries of British people.

Conference call providers Powwownow surveyed 2,000 people asking the question: "Do you have any superstitions?"

Here are 10 of the weirdest responses, picked at random:

1. Must clap after sneezing to avoid killing a fairy

2. Always use left foot on final step of stairs

3. Won’t buy emeralds

4. No peacock feathers in the house

5. Can’t share a towel (although this may be more for hygiene purposes)

6. Can’t mix red and white Christmas decorations (equals blood and bandages)

7. Must look up when going under a sign

8. Can’t watch a loved one drive off

9. Don’t go out in the dark on Halloween

10. Don’t cut toe nails on a Sunday

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