Newsreader has tantrum after colleague wears similar outfit

Louis Dor
Thursday 12 January 2017 12:45

When the nightmare happens, and someone comes to work wearing the same outfit as you, it's actually not really a nightmare.

Someone remarks...

Oh! You two are wearing the same outfit!

... And that's about the end of it.

No drama.

This was not the case for 9 News Now newsreaders who were all wearing the same outfit as they approached a broadcast.

Things got heated. Some might say needlessly.

Amber Sherlock realised that all guests and presenters were wearing white, and quickly told her colleague Julie Snook to change her outfit before they went live.

The off-air footage came to a boil with this wonderful exchange:

Amber, if it’s an issue I can get on out of here (the studio).

It is an issue. Go and grab a jacket.

Snook then was seen in a black jacket on-air after a short break.

The incident has since sparked a hashtag campaign in defence of Julie.

There's also some mockery going about:

Amber Sherlock has since set her Twitter account to private following widespread media attention over the leaked clip.

Julie has since told 9Honey:

What can I say? Amber and I just really love white!

Amber and I are good friends and I really enjoy working with her. News is a fast moving environment and sometimes these things happen.

Thankfully, they weren't all wearing white during the live footage. That would have been awful.


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